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What is the Evolutionary Accelerator?

The Evolutionary Accelerator facilitates the emergence of initiatives that advance the evolutionary trajectory.


The Accelerator takes practical action to advance evolution by being an effective platform for generating and evolving evolutionary initiatives.


The Evolutionary Accelerator positively advances the evolutionary process by:


  • Providing an opportunity for intentional evolutionaries to share and seek collaborators for their proposed evolutionary initiatives.


The Evolutionary Accelerator is doing the following to advance the evolutionary process:


  • Promoting the platform globally on social media and through networks

  • Showcasing evolutionary initiatives on social media and through networks

  • Inviting individuals and organisations to contribute evolutionary initiatives to the platform

  • Seeking endorsements from individuals and organisations that support the purpose of the platform


The Evolutionary Accelerator is working with intentional evolutionaries and thinkers, practitioners, writers, commentators and educators from around the world to build awareness of the platform and to facilitate the emergence of evolutionary initiatives.


How can you support the Evolutionary Accelerator?

If you would like to support the goals of the Evolutionary Accelerator - to accelerate evolution by facilitating the emergence of evolutionary initiatives please consider donating using the following link: 


You might also like to help the Evolutionary Accelerator achieve its evolutionary goals by sharing your expertise. Currently we are seeking a volunteer Social Media Manager. Please contact Victoria Wilding via email if you are interested in contributing.

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