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Post Growth Institute


The Post Growth Institute is an international, not for profit organisation that uses leading the shift to a world where people, companies and nature thrive together within ecological limits.


We work collaboratively to develop ideas, programs, events and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power and resources in our local communities and global economy.

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Our Amazing Team
Initiator Name: Robert Onono

What impact does your initiative aim to achieve?


At the big picture level we:


1. Highlight the value of monetary circulation through initiatives such as Free Money Day, a global, annual event to spark conversations about alternative economic systems;


2. Publish comprehensive research to strengthen not-for-profit financial institutions and outline a framework for a post-capitalist, full-circle economy. At the level of institutions and organisations, we enable purpose-driven businesses to start and scale through a range of training and consultancy programs.


At the community level, we help people rediscover a sense of belonging and empowerment through activities like the Offers and Needs Market. Across our work we seek to elevate the voices and achievements of others working toward similar goals, especially those whose perspectives have been historically marginalised.

What support do you need? How can others contribute?

1. Support us financially by hiring us, joining our trainings, pre-purchasing our book, or making a donation to us;


2. Support us non-financially by volunteering your time, recommending our work, or supporting the work of our allies;


3. Engage with our content by visiting our websites, following us on social media, or contributing to our research/campaigns.


More details on this can be found in the following article: 


Thank you!

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