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Victoria Wilding is an evolutionary activist with a particular interest in advancing human development. Her focus is on the development of a new level of psychological management and its importance to the future of humanity. She believes humanity needs to consciously and intentionally develop their social, emotional and cognitive capacities to affect sustainable change. As an advocate for the advancement of human development and the evolutionary worldview, Victoria has dedicated the past twenty years to training and mentoring change makers and influencers through her role as Founder and CEO of the SHIFT Foundation and Symplicitus. In the past ten years she co-founded the Higher Mind Initiative and co-developed The Program with John Stewart, author of “Evolution’s Arrow.” She offers an extensive body of knowledge in consciousness, higher cognition, complexity and leadership.


Victoria is Project Director for the Evolutionary Accelerator. Her contribution focuses on the marketing, promotion and partnership goals of the Evolutionary Accelerator, reviewing all initiatives submitted for uploading to the platform and the ongoing management, development and strategic direction of the platform.


She brings to the project a strong belief that intentional evolution is core to the sustainability of life on Earth. She sees the Evolutionary Accelerator playing a part in moving the conversation from theory into action by focussing on the development of practical, tangible and worthwhile projects for advancing evolution.

Victoria Wilding

Founder & Project Director

Robert Cobbold is the founding editor of Conscious Evolution, a website, blog and podcast focussed on disseminating the evolutionary worldview. After a profound spiritual awakening, Robert Cobbold spent several years looking for answers until he came across John Stewart's Evolutionary Manifesto. Since the discovery of John’s work, he has spent many years researching and writing about the evolutionary worldview, leading to the creation of Conscious Evolution. The website, designed for a millennial audience, rebrands and repackages John's message and blends it with the insights of other leading evolutionary thinkers.


Robert provides the Evolutionary Accelerator with the perspectives of an emerging generation of evolutionary activists. Currently he works for WE Charity, an organisation dedicated to inspiring young people to change the world.  In his role at WE he has developed workshop content to educate young adults about the evolutionary worldview. He is looking to further expand his influence as an evolutionary activist through attaining his Masters in Sustainable Leadership at Cumbria University.


His contribution to the Evolutionary Accelerator draws on his skills and experience as a writer, editor and social media manager. He actively contributes blog content and keenly networks with evolutionary activists to bring awareness to the platform.


Robert sees the great potential of our species vividly and, hopes that the Evolutionary Accelerator can become a platform for the work necessary for our species to flourish.

Robert Cobbold

Founding Supporter

John Bunzl is a political activist with a new and compelling vision for citizen-driven global cooperation.  He champions global cooperation as critical to solving the challenges threatening our planet. John founded the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (Simpol) in 2000 to encourage citizens to use their national right to vote to drive politicians, parties and governments towards global cooperation. Since the organisation’s establishment, Simpol has successfully built a network of citizen supporters in over 100 countries and the support of 100 politicians in 6 countries to date.

John has established himself as a respected authority and commentator on global affairs. He strongly advocates the importance of the evolutionary worldview to better understand the complexity of the problems facing the planet and the solution Simpol offers. His specialist expertise is in identifying and resolving both the political-economic and psychological barriers to global cooperation. John has authored and co-authored three books including People-Centred Global Governance – Making it Happen, Monetary Reform – Making it Happen written with the prominent monetary reformer, James Robertson and the The Simpol Solution – Solving Global Problems Could Be Easier Than We Think, with Nick Duffell.

A number of John’s articles on global governance have been published by the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice, including Solving Climate Change – Achieving a Noospheric Agreement (2009), Discovering an Integral Civic Consciousness in a Global Age (2012), and Transcending First Tier Values in Achieving Binding Global Governance (2012). He has lectured widely on global governance including at The Schumacher Society, The World Trade Organisation, The World Academy of Arts & Sciences (WAAS), The Lucis Trust and at universities around the world.

John joins the Evolutionary Accelerator team as a passionate evolutionary activist and advisor.

He offers his expertise as a successful businessman along with his extensive knowledge of global affairs to the Evolutionary Accelerator. He understands the significant opportunity the Evolutionary Accelerator offers as a vehicle for evolutionary activists to achieve their evolutionary goals.

John Bunzl

Founding Supporter

John Stewart is an evolutionary scientist who is an Australian-based member of the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition (ECCO) Research Group of the Free University of Brussels. His main interest is the development of a science-based evolutionary worldview that helps us understand who we are and what we should be doing with our lives. Much of his work on the directionality of evolution and its implications for humanity has been published in peer-reviewed papers in international science journals. A number of his recent papers have focused on psychological development, including the future evolution of consciousness.


He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book 'Evolution's Arrow: the direction of evolution and the future of humanity'. In 2008 he was a keynote speaker at the first international scientific conference on The Evolution and Development of the Universe held in Paris.  More recently he has finalized The Evolutionary Manifesto which outlines an evolutionary worldview and explores its relevance to humanity. It demonstrates the potential of the evolutionary worldview to provide meaning and purpose for human existence.


As an evolutionary activist he is committed to using his skills and abilities in the most cost/effective way to advance the evolutionary trajectory. He has long seen the need for a platform such as The Evolutionary Accelerator which brings together those who are developing evolutionary initiatives with those who may wish to contribute their time and other resources to those initiatives. His main contribution to the development and operation of the Accelerator is to provide expertise in relation to the content and implications of the science-based evolutionary worldview .

John Stewart

Founding Supporter

James Hatchman is a passionate advocate for global systems change. His particular focus is on the development of systems that serve the needs of an emerging generation. He has dedicated the past four years to better understand how evolution can inform a deeper understanding of the current global mental health system through his role as Founder and CEO of Voice of Health.


His specialist expertise is in envisioning and building creative technological solutions to facilitate systems change.  He quickly gets to the core of an individual’s thinking and facilitates deep understanding, new perspectives and innovative solutions.


James is the Creative Director for the Evolutionary Accelerator. His contribution focuses on the platform development and its ongoing effectiveness in reaching its evolutionary goals.  He brings to the Evolutionary Accelerator a strong belief that technology can play a creative role in positively influencing the future evolution of life on the planet. He sees the Accelerator as an effective model for change – by bringing people together around a common purpose to share practical initiatives with others who might be interested in contributing their expertise or resources to those initiatives.

James Hatchman

Founding Supporter

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