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Victoria Wilding


The central goal of the Higher Mind Initiative is to advance human development. The key focus of the initiative is on the development of higher cognitive and social-emotional capacities. The spread of these higher capacities across humanity will constitute the Second Enlightenment which builds upon the First Enlightenment that emerged around the 1700s in which rational thinking, science and industrialisation were born.

How does this initiative positively advance the evolutionary process as identified in the evolutionary worldview?

The Higher Mind Initiative advances the evolutionary process as identified in the evolutionary worldview by focusing on the development of higher cognitive and social – emotional capacities that are essential for understanding the large-scale evolutionary processes that have shaped life on Earth and that will determine our future.

What practical actions is this initiative taking to positively advance the evolutionary process?

To advance the evolutionary process, the Higher Mind Initiative convenes monthly online dialogue meetings with thought leaders in human development from around the world to address the key actions of the initiative: The key actions include: • Identifying the higher capacities that will constitute the next great steps forward in the development of humanity and that will enable the Second Enlightenment • Investigating and developing the techniques, practices, and educational approaches that can best develop these capacities in individuals • Developing strategies that will accelerate the spread of these capacities across humanity.

Who are you working with to positively advance the evolutionary process?

The Higher Mind Initiative has been working with leading evolutionary activists and human development theorists and practitioners to identify the higher cognitive and social-emotional capacities needed to advance the evolutionary process.

Initiative Supporters

Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM)

Support Needed

The Higher Mind Initiative is looking for the names and email addresses of suggested participants for the monthly online meetings. Please contact Victoria Wilding via email with your suggestions.

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