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John Bunzl


Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) is an international association of member citizens championing a new democratic political system based on global cooperation rather than destructive competition. Simpol is taking practical action to advance evolution by demonstrating that the solution to solving many of today’s global problems is the urgent evolution of global cooperation between nation states. This evolutionary worldview has the unique capacity to reveal how the world needs to be organised and governed to solve the many problems that threaten us.

How does this initiative positively advance the evolutionary process as identified in the evolutionary worldview?

Simpol is campaigning for citizens to drive politicians to take humanity’s next great evolutionary step: the implementation of a form of cooperative, binding global governance capable of solving today’s many global challenges.

What practical actions is this initiative taking to positively advance the evolutionary process?

Simpol is positively advancing the evolutionary process by disrupting the current pseudo-democratic political system. They are actively driving nations to implement Simpol through existing elections in their countries. Simpol member citizens use their voting power to influence politicians to implement solutions to global problems such as climate change, wealth inequality, tax avoidance and more. The implementation of Simpol within the current system is achieved by campaigning for citizens to pledge their support via the Simpol website. By signing on citizens signify to politicians that they will be giving strong voting preference at all future national elections to politicians or parties that have signed the pledge to implement Simpol to the exclusion of those who haven’t.

Who are you working with to positively advance the evolutionary process?

Simpol has been in discussion with, and informed by, leading evolutionary thinkers, psychologists, theorists and practitioners, from around the world with the aim of showing how creating a new level of global political cooperation is essential to humanity’s survival and further evolution. Simpol has on-going exchanges with leading evolutionary thinkers including David Sloan Wilson, Ken Wilber, John Stewart, Ervin Laszlo, Jonathan Rowson, Carter Phipps, Steve McIntosh and others. Simpol’s founder, John Bunzl, has had a number of articles published in The Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. An interview about his book, The Simpol Solution, conducted by evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson appears in the online publication Evonomics. Beyond that, Simpol works with citizens and politicians to enhance their awareness of their role in the evolutionary process and how the Simpol campaign can enable them to fulfil it.

Initiative Supporters

Noam Chomsky, Ken Wilber, John Stewart, David Sloan Wilson, Scilla Elworthy, Mark Rylance, Jose Ramos-Horta, Simon Anholt

Support Needed

Simpol is looking for evolutionary-aware individuals in all countries who are interested in politics, see the need for it to evolve to the global level, and who are willing to help develop the Simpol campaign. We need writers, translators, organisers, social media experts, filmmakers, fund-raisers, public speakers and anyone with political campaigning experience. If you are interested, please email

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