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Global Systems Architects Incubator


The Global Systems Architects Incubator provides a mentoring program for visionaries with ideas and insights that contribute to building a more unified, equitable and sustainable planet.


The incubator program offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Work one-on-one to co-creatively and generatively bring their ideas and insights into the world.

  • Have access to the expertise, experience and skills to guide and support them through the four stages in the incubation process.

Founder: Victoria Wilding

What impact does your initiative aim to achieve?


The Global Systems Architects Incubator aims to advance the evolutionary process by supporting planetary visionaries who believe they have the capacity to intentionally evolve an existing or emerging system.

What support do you need?  How can others contribute?

The Global Systems Architects Incubator is looking for visionaries who require support.

If you are aware of a visionary who requires support you can help by directing them to the incubator at

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