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Robert Cobbold


Conscious Evolution is a website, blog and podcast conceived, developed and delivered by Robert Cobbold. He is taking practical action to advance evolution by actively disseminating the evolutionary worldview. This worldview has a unique capacity to point to our place and purpose, and provide meaning for human existence.

How does this initiative positively advance the evolutionary process as identified in the evolutionary worldview?

By speaking directly to people's need for meaning and purpose, Conscious Evolution meets a need which is keenly felt by young people today. Through writing, podcasts, and social media, Conscious Evolution articulates the evolutionary worldview in a language which speaks to millenials who are searching for answers, and who are beginning to question what life is about. And through workshops with young people, Conscious Evolution lays the intellectual foundations for an understanding of the evolutionary worldview.

What practical actions is this initiative taking to positively advance the evolutionary process?

Conscious Evolution articulates and presents the evolutionary worldview to anyone who is searching for meaning in their lives. It aims to provide an evolutionary rationale for all those behaviours which are necessary if mankind is to make a positive contribution to evolution on this planet.

Who are you working with to positively advance the evolutionary process?

Conscious Evolution has been in discussion with leading evolutionary thinkers, psychologists, theorists and practitioners, from around the world to provide insights and perspectives on the need for meaning and purpose in people’s lives. To date Conscious Evolution has been in discussion with John Stewart, Advaya Initiative, Jonathan Rowson, Daniel Schmactenberger, Joe Brewer, Carter Phipps, Steve McIntosh, Kelly Smith and Sarah Hill amongst others. KW Jamieson is a contributor to the blog. Conscious Evolution also delivers educational workshops to young people in the United Kingdom. These workshops provide young people with the cognitive skills needed to grasp the evolutionary worldview and helps them appreciate its implications for human existence.

Initiative Supporters

John Stewart, Emerge, Carter Phipps, Steve McIntosh

Support Needed

Robert is looking for contributors to his blog, sound editors for his podcast, web designers, podcast marketers, social media managers, and any and all collaborators who can help him disseminate the evolutionary worldview. He is a professional public speaker and writer, so is always looking for platforms, digital or otherwise. You can also support him by sharing his work online. Please contact Robert via email if you are interested in supporting his goals.

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