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Cooperating to Intentionally Advance Evolution


You care deeply about the future of all life on Earth and want to be a part of a community that shares your passion.


You have an initiative that you believe has the capacity to intentionally evolve an existing or emerging system.


You want others who share your passion to be aware of your initiative and understand its impact.


You value collaboration to promote and progress initiatives.


You have opportunities for individuals and organisations to contribute their expertise, skills or time to an initiative.

Submit an Initiative

We encourage you to contribute to the Evolutionary Accelerator.

Latest Posts

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Initiative of the Month

Conscious Evolution

Conscious Evolution is a website, blog and podcast conceived, developed and delivered by Robert Cobbold.


He is taking practical action to advance evolution by actively disseminating the evolutionary worldview.


This worldview has a unique capacity to point to our place and purpose, and provide meaning for human existence.

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